Certification status

Trust in Dongsuh Industry Certification Status

  • Certification for the Disabled

  • Korean Intellectual Property Office

  • Korea Institute of Industrial Technology

  • Small and Medium Business Corporation

  • Small and medium venture business department

  • The procurement office

  • Education institute electronic procurement system

  • Certificate of registration(ISO 9001)

  • Certificate of registration(ISO 14001)

Expectancy effects

The influence and effect of woodchips based mulching on soil and plant growth

  • Suppresses occurrence of weeds

      Reduces the opportunity of getting weed seeds exposed to sunlight and makes it hard to germinate

      Saves maintenance cost for landscaping by suppressing occurrence of weeds

  • Adjusts a soil temperature to protect plants

      Lowers the transmission of sunlight to soil and reduces a temperature change in soil

      Lowers a soil temperature in summer and serves as a lagging material in winter

  • Maintains soil moisture

      Suppresses evaporation on the surface

      Suppresses occurrence of weeds that require a lot of moisture and prevents the loss of moisture

  • Prevents soil erosion and improves physical and chemical properties

      Blocks or mitigates a shock on the surface, and controls the flow of run-off water to prevent erosion

      Supplies organic matters to soil by getting woodchips rotten (change soil structure to aggregated structure)

      Improves a capacity of substitution of hydrogen ion concentration (pH) and cations in soil

  • Improves soil fertilizer efficiency

      By nutrition and decomposition of woodchips

      The soil surface on the mulching bottom has large nutrition availability thanks to increased activity of microorganisms.

  • Suppresses occurrence of soil scattering and dust

      Suppresses soil scattering on the surface by covering soil on the surface

      Reduces dust occurrence and expects absorption effect

  • Promotes plant growth

      Supplies nutrition continuously through gradual decomposition of woodchips

      Establishes conditions good for plant growth (soil, temperature, nutrients, etc.)

  • Suppresses blight damage

      Rain drops and spring cooler spraying causes attachment of soil particles to plants, which triggers blight damage.

      Mulching reduces soil splattering so that it decreases the chance of infection.

  • Improves bio diversity

      A variety of microorganisms are involved in the decomposition of woodchips.

      A mulched space helps to conserve bio diversity.

  • Good looking and arrangement of planing site

      Increases landscape of plants

      Comparative effect of plants and lawn

      Increases efficiency of lawn management


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